Dec 8, 2008

it must be 4 ♥

Jared Floods Porom hat.If you knit you gotta do one.Fast and easy knitting all the way.My daughter is always bugging me to knit her a hat (I hate knitting hats) but she is also very fussy with the hat it has to be.So I showed her the pattern to this one and it was exactly what she wanted
My daughter took about the same time getting ready for her photo shoot as it took for me to knit the hat...only kidding.a little!

I'm afraid it won't be too warm for our cold winters in Nova Scotia but for the fair days it'll be just the thing to wear.And she'll look hip.Now that is the most important thing it 15.
:: Jared Flood :: Porom
:: one ball of RY Cashsoft 4 ply ::
P.s don't tell but I'm making her another one for Xmas.


Val said...

The hat turned out pretty. And your blog looks quite nice with its new "do." :)

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