Jan 26, 2009

Thank you AnneMarie for asking me to do a meme!If you have come by from her blog hello to you all,if you haven't "met" AnneMarie please go say hi to her.She has a wonderful blog,and she writes so wonderful.Very,very funny she never fails to make me laugh!

Five things I am addicted to:

  • decorating! I'm always changing things around in my house.love getting decorating books from the library and finding new ideas.

  • Staying healthy.Eating right and staying away from junk food.Oh how I ♥ junk food.Chips,dips,chocolate,you name it! I had a heart attack after my 42nd birthday so keeping healthy is a obsession for sure.

  • Being creative.I always have a craft on the go.I either am stitching,sewing,quilting,crocheting,knitting...and so on.I've been that way since I was a child.

  • I am really into history..and learning.I hated school and I thought I knew everything now that I know the difference I love to learn.Right now in history I am learning about the Tudors history.

  • Nature.Can that be a addiction? I am most happy being outdoors in nature with the birds and the trees.I am at my happiest when I'm outdoors.


The Scarlett House said...

Hi there. Well, I have similar addictions. I'd like to be able to include the one about staying away from junk food, but I'd be less than honest. By the way, I sure enjoy your blog and hearing from you.

Annemarie said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sue! I loved reading about your addictions, and to learn a bit more about you :o)