Mar 31, 2009

Spring is in the air,my dears!
My tulips are just budding right now but I can't wait to see how they made out.I planted almost fifty last year so I am hoping to have a good blast of colour around the house.
I am feeling the ♥ ladies!
thank you so much for the awards! You have made me feel like a rock star from Cindymae
xoxo, CindyMae
from Julie
from Melissa
happy Birthday Melissa!
try to drop by and wish her a good one,will ya?
look what came in the mail for me!
Scottish Love Sampler

Moira Blackburn
I should be getting the linen this week for it,as soon as I do this will be my main baby to stitch....oh can not wait!
Thanks for the email ect.asking about my health.It still has not gotten any better.I ended up rushed to the hospital two night ago because my heart beat and blood pressure were rising so fast,while I was resting,you would have thought Bono was in the room with me.
It was scary to say the least.So next week it means more dr visits and tests.
It's scary enough when your body is acting up without you knowing why but when the dr's are scratching their heads it's really scary.Annemarie will know what I'm talking about.
Anyway after about seven hours (can you believe?) they finally got me stabilized.
So I know you will understand if I haven't been over to your blogs ect.
Enough about that.Have a wonderful looong Easter weekend.get lots of rest,get in lots of stitching time,and enjoy your chocolate.

Mar 24, 2009

Look what I woke up to this morning.Can you imagine?
snow day for the kids and my husband has even come home early from work as the roads are bad.

Right now my awesome neighbour is plowing the snow out of our driveway with his tractor.Isn't he just the best?

Siobhan's post really hit home today.She talks about moving from her home base to another country.I didn't move out of the country but I have moved to a different province.
Sometimes I wonder why we did.
We have no family or friends here.It does get me down sometimes but I'm very thankful to have all of you visiting me here so I feel less lonely!
health-wise I'm doing better now.Dr has put me on a different medication that has helped (so far) with my angina.But he still wants me to see a specialist and there is talk about having another angiogram done.So yeah it's all been a bit of a worry but hopefully it will get better.At least now I have energy to do housework ect.So thanks for your well wishes I really appreciate them.
...and if anyone is interested I started this

have a great day and thank you for visiting me.

Mar 18, 2009

Wow it has been awhile since I blogged.I was going to blog yesterday but while I was getting on the laptop our pipe burst in the living room so you can imagine the mess we had around here.

I haven't been doing a while lot of stitching I have been taking a new medication that just has made me a sick as anything.I've had my blood pressure go way down to the basement as Annemarie put it.Great choice of words! I had my blood sugars drop to three.Not fun.And to top it off I have had quite a bit of angina which we name Aunt Gina around here.So health-wise I'm not doing the best.Husband kindly called today to see how I was and told me to go for a nap because after all I'm no spring chicken lol.

He is so lucky I love him.Or off with his head!

CCN's Geranium House WIP

Blackbird's Libery House WIP

One good thing that makes us all happy is new stash!

I fell in love with 'the girls'.

This will be my treat for making it through Spring Break.Yes I have the kids home for the week.

Need I say more?

I finished my Boleyn book by Phillippa Gregory.It was amazing,like all of her books.I am quite obsessed with the Tudor era.

and I just found out the are making a movie !
book link

Mar 5, 2009

I won this chart on Melissa's blog a month or more ago.Thanks again Melissa!

Honestly I don't know why it took me this long to stitch it.I adore BBD! So much so I started a blog for us BBD fans.I hope you are able to join us.It's just a casual place to show WIPS and finished projects.Just easier than reading a gazbillion blogs out there lol.I never realized there were so many cross stitch blogs out there.Whew!Anyway anyone is invited whether you have a blog or not.So I hope you'll join!

Feb 26, 2009

'Peach Tree Cottage' I love thee! It took longer than I thought it would but finally she is done.I used my own colours (of course).I wasn't too sure about my pink house being too pink but it'll look great in my pink,red and white kitchen.

I really like the way the trees turned out.I love the funky green ( 472 DMC) I used at the buds.Very spring-like.And how I'm longing for the spring!
'Peach Tree Cottage' by LHN

for the roof I used Simply Shaker Lexington Green
Lettering was SS Green Pasture
darker pink was Linen DMC 760
lighter pink DMC 948
brown was DMC 433
one on one using 28 count Evenweave

I enjoyed it so much I had to buy some more little houses!

Feb 15, 2009

Lately I have been thinking of starting quilts for both of my children to have for Xmas this year.Alison likes the modern look and Josh pretty much likes only very very plain quilts.I always look to Flickr to give me some ideas on what I want to do and I think for Alison I have narrowed it down to the Coin quilt (top left).I went thru my stash today and I should be good to go! I'm on a major strict stash diet this year but I'm lucky I have lots of stash and lots of different crafts I like to do, so I should be fine.

I'll still be doing my stitching so I hope ya all still come visiting me!

Feb 13, 2009

I wanted to drop by and wish ya'll a Happy Valentine's Day.We don't do a whole lot here,husband is cooking supper tonight for us so that'll be a treat. I've been busy growing a tree!

And practicing bread making by scratch.Not a easy feat but well worth it,when it turns out!

Happy Valentines ♥